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Snow Day 2020

Hello again!

I hope that you are enjoying your Snow Day Box.  I had a ton of fun pulling this box together.

The Marshmallows by the Fire Bubble Bath started out as something I just had to make for myself and then I realized it would make a great fit in the Snow Day box.  I really love how a little really does go a long way with our liquid bubble baths and this one is no exception!

The Cozy in Cashmere Body Lotion was a fun one to make. I love this scent so much.   It is a blend of cashmere musk, warm vanilla and fresh pear.  This time, I opted for a smaller lotion size than in the past.  Why?  Well, first they are SO CUTE!  And I realize that while some people may love a certain scent for someone else that may not really resonate with them, so a smaller size makes a little more sense.  Also, I was having a hard time getting everything to fit in the box and the smaller size made a huge difference.  Let me know what you think about the smaller size in the comments!

The Snowflake Bath Bomb Cupcake felt like a no brainer for our Snow Day theme.  I like how the bubble bar/bath bomb combo is al set in one scent to make a luxurious bath with the option to separate them into two baths too.  My youngest is currently obsessed with Frozen II and she keeps invading my bath stash to use these.  

The Snow Way Bath Salts are a returning scent.  Who doesn't love the sweet creamy scent of marzipan, almond icing, sweet cherries, rose and cassia?  I've been enjoying Dead Sea Salts more and more in my baths.  We use Dead Sea Salts which includes essential minerals such as magnesium bromide, iodine, potassium, sulfur, calcium, zinc, and more.  Adding Dead Sea Salts to you bath helps sooth and cleanse the skin while relieving tired and sore muscles.

The Sparkling Snow Bath Bomb by Bare Naked Bath is just so pretty!  I love the embedded white snowflake in the blue and there are some hidden colors in this bath bomb too!  The scent is so good: melon, jasmine, bergamot, woods, amber and musk.  This is another one that my Frozen-loving kiddo is loving as well.

Last, but certainly not least is the Snow Ball Fight Bath Bomb Creamer Trio by Simply Organico.  I mean, how cute are they??  They can easily be added all together or one per bath.  If you want to see them go in all at once, check us out on Instagram!  And what is that amazing scent?  It's a combination of fresh cucumber, sweet spearmint, and tart watermelon.

That's all for today!  I hope you're all enjoying your Snow Day Box.

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