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Home for the Holidays 2019

Hello from your Bath Bevy founder, Samantha!

Sometimes it feels like there is so much more that I want to share with you all than what I can fit on the insert card or in an email or on social media.  I thought I'd give blogging a shot.  What better way to start than to talk more about the Home for the Holidays box!

Let's start with the Home for the Holidays Bubble Salt.  If you're a long time Bath Bevy Subscriber, then you're familiar with our Bubble Salts.  Basically the Bubble Salts are a great way to get a Dead Sea Salt Soak without sacrificing those bubbles.  I typically add anywhere from 1/3 to the whole pouch to my bath as it fills for tons of fluffy bubbles.  If I'm not planning on adding a bath bomb or anything else to the bath, that's when I'm most likely to throw in the whole pouch.  I use less if I'm looking to pair a bath bomb or melt.

The Tinsel Bath Bomb Creamer by Simply Organico has hidden bath art inside!  It's beautifully wrapped and scented in a fresh and sweet winter blend of pomegranate and ripe berries with cool peppermint on a base of whipped vanilla and soft musk.  Like any bath bomb, you really want to add this to your full bath if you're looking to watch it work and you're looking to enjoy some bath art.  But, you can totally just toss it in and start filling your tub.  Hey, maybe it's been one of those days.

Silky Body Powder!  This is a first for us.  I've been tinkering with this one for a long time.  I love it!  It feels so silky soft on the skin and the scent is lovely on its own or it pairs really well with most scents.  If you're battling sweat, odor, or chafing, give the Silky Body Powder a try.  I have a tough time keeping my skin moisturized and I'm picky about what I'll put on my skin.  I'll sprinkle on my skin and gently rub in before bed or after a bath or shower.  For me, it really does help to keep my skin soft.  I also use it throughout the year anywhere I might chafe and it's amazing for that too.  Our body powder it talc-free and baking soda free too.

Egg Nog Whipped Soap Scrub by Body's Harmony.  I first tried this last year and immediately knew I wanted to put it in this box.  The scent is amazing and this whipped soap is so fluffy and creamy with light exfoliation.  You can use this in the tub or shower.  I apply directly to the skin, but you can use a a loofah or washrag if you prefer.  Just don't eat it!

Loofah Soap - in one of three scents: Candy Cane, Mistletoe, or Snowflake.  Basically, I couldn't decide on one and had to do all three!  We have more for sale on the website if you're like me and need all three.  When my skin is dry and itchy, I have a really hard time resisting the urge to scratch it.  If you're scratching hard enough to leave marks or worse hard enough to bleed (no judgment here, I've done it), then try this!  It exfoliates and scratches that itch without damaging your skin.

Santa Baby Bath Bomb by Whipped Up Wonderful.  It's so cute and festive that I had a hard time getting myself to use it.  Drop into your full tub and enjoy!  Scented in a lovely blend of balsam, fir, pine and warm vanilla sugar cookies.

What did you most enjoy in your Home for the Holidays Box?

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  • Eggnog whipped soap is wonderful


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