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Big Changes for Bath Bevy

You may have noticed quite a few more sales lately for Bath Bevy than you typically see this time of year!  If you're actively following us on Instagram, you may have notices more giveaways than usual too.  And, if you're a member of the Bath Bevy Insiders Facebook group, you have most certainly noticed more Inventory sales with deeper discounts than we typically offer.  

And if you've been wondering why, well...

We are in the beginning/middle of a big move that you will (hopefully) hardly notice!  We're bringing our fulfillment in house and I'm really excited to be able to offer an even more personal touch!  During this time, monthly (and quarterly) subscriptions will continue to go out like clockwork and we are looking to add in more seasonal offerings too! 

In the mean time, we've disabled much of our online shop for the duration of the move.  The online shop will be back up and running with a Grand Re-Opening Sale soon!

*Subscriptions will not be affected*

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